H.E.R.O. Dog Training

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by Adrian Torres

Help. Encourage. Reliable. Obedience.
There is always a solution
All dogs are different and have their specific needs. We work together to achieve your goals.
  1. Puppy Training
    Training while they are young is highly recommended as they will learn much quicker and will have the opportunity to mold into the ideal dog. You and your new puppy will also benefit from learning how to properly potty train on command in a designated potty area.
  2. Behavior Modification
    It is common to see some behavioral issues when rescuing a dog from a shelter or rescue facility. We work towards rehabilitating their behavior by modifying it to where it can be controlled. Whether they're aggressive or fearful, modifying their behavior will be their second chance after being rescued from a shelter.
  3. Socializing
    This is where distraction work is taken outdoors where your dog is challenged at high intensity environments such as parks, around the neighborhood, the mall, etc. Socializing goes further than just dog interaction. It is important that your dog feels comfortable in any scenario.
  4. Obedience training
    First and foremost, training begins on the leash to ensure that your dog learns all the commands properly. Once you've gained a high influence on the leash we then progress to more advanced work off the leash. Dogs that are on and off leash trained are considered fully trained.
  5. Off-Leash and Advanced Training
    Once your dog completes the mandatory on-leash portion of the training, we can now work towards a new level of training. We move into Off-Leash training to maximize the influence and respect. Distraction work is taken to more extreme situations to proof the training. This will allow you to have more of a stronger bond with your dog as you are encouraged to take your dog anywhere without the worry of it misbehaving.